The arrival


After an emotional goodbye to my beloved one, I got on a delayed Lufthansa flight to Osaka, worried that they’d make me pay for the 3 extra kilos I had with me. Quick stopover in Germany, and then off again to the final destination. It was freezing cold (snowing in London if I remember correctly) …

A slow clean up of the plane wings made us lose even more time..


Movies quite boring – my macbook kept me company instead, despite a fat-armed guy sitting next to me who couldn’t refrain from invading my territory at each available occasion.



Here we go. After more than 18 hours (delayed departure in germany too) I got to Japan! First noticeable sign of a different culture:


After that… a quite dreamy bus trip to the city center.. the bus dropped me off in front of the New Hankiu hotel next to Umeda Station.
Called a taxi, the driver, quite incredibly, spoke ZERO english. Not even ‘yes’ and ‘no’. But I had prepared a little map showing where the Ramada hotel was (very close indeed) so that got me going pretty easily!

Checked in, hotel room very very small but pretty. First encounter with the famous japanese toilet seat (which I hear are called ‘super toilets’), but I was too tired to try out all the different buttons.. so I left my room to get some food before trying to get some good sleep.


What are they preparing to me? I got into the first restaurant and ordered by pointing at the nicest looking soup on the menu…


Delicious! Day one ending pretty nicely 🙂


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