A Japanese Barbecue

So nice – I got invited by my colleagues at work to a traditional japanese barbecue in Ibaraki.

Got on the monorail train from the university station, the trip is pretty short, 20 mins or less… but the view is quite interesting:

Bampaku-kinen-koen station


Finally I meet the guys, they’re already getting things ready. But hey wait a minute.. isn’t this a temple?



To my surprise… YES! we’re gonna have a barbie in a quite unusual venue (for me). I soon find out that one of the guys is the owner, a monk who lives there with his family. So I take the opportunity to sneak into his wonderful house…

The gardenIMG_0543


IMG_0551 IMG_0552

From the house, you can reach the adjacent temple:


IMG_0556 the wise men IMG_0554

But outside the BBQ has started already! The local specialty that people love to grill over here is .. guess what: OYSTERs (which probably it’s not that unusual, but I’ve never had them this way!




IMG_0566 IMG_0571

The night comes and so we move right into the temple (!) for dessert. Quite shocking I must say, but I enjoyed so much the atmosphere (and the other people were really kind in putting up with my attempts to speak japanese) that I soon forgot all the religious pre-concepts I had..



2 Responses to “A Japanese Barbecue”

  1. That looks like a great time – plus, I love your tagging. I’m guessing “barbecue oysters temple” might be a unique constellation – unless there’s a band by that name somewhere.

    I really like the looks of dessert – not the food (which I can’t see), but the lack of chairs. It just looks so much more comfortable and intimate – or is that just through Western eyes?

  2. magicrebirth Says:

    haha that’s right tim I think we won’t find many ontologies connecting the three topics together!!

    regarding the lack of chairs, yeah that makes the atmosphere more intimate and play-like.. but I guess you’re right in saying it’s probably only me (us) seeing it that way. Japanese people have been brought up that way.. (wonder what they feel about an evening spent sitting on chairs then!)
    Anyways.. the usual problem I have with that is that my leg start hurting after 5 mins, and then if I try to get more comfortable by stretching them it becomes very hard to reach the food on the table… so funny!

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