Checking out the local doctor..

As usual, if I live in some place for a longish period I end up checking out the local healthcare system, for one reason or the other. Japan makes no exception, but I have to say it’s been a quite interesting experience too…
Well I payed quite a lot for it (doctor: 6500 yes = almost 40 pounds) and on top of that the medicines (4000 yen = 30 pounds) … but in theory the health insurance will reimburse me.
Obviously no one at the local doctor ambulatory speaks english… but luckily a nice lady from my hotel helped me fill out a ‘good health’ declaration in japanese..

declaration of good health

The doctor’s office was super technological (and full of mangas too); but the piece of ‘equipment’ that most impressed me is this automatic slippers dispenser..

slippers dispenser DSCN5397

Essentially, you walk into the clinic, take off your shoes, push the button and get a fresh new pair of slippers!

The other quite unusual thing is that there is not separation between the reception / waiting area and the room where the doctor visits the patients. Pretty weird; it wasn’t difficult to see what was going on in there, or to hear some scared kid crying. Then I found out that they also have another room at the back which is used for more ‘intimate’ visits..

reception desk doctor's room

After a while they called me to the (almost public) visiting room, the doctor took a sample of my tonsils’ infection and told me to wait for 10 mins. He spoke some english so it was no prob to understand him at all.
My prize was a japanese style face mask. Now I feel much more integrated 🙂

japanese style face mask

That was it. Bad infection he said – but a week of antibiotics and some chinese medicine (at the bottom) should fix me up..

antibiotics chinese medicine


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