I’m a ramen-boy

I just love ramen, it reminds me of ‘la minestrina della nonna’ which is a key italian culinary concept: the exquisite soup only your grandma can make, after an entire life devoted to perfecting her skills.

And finally, now I can also make it. Well, let’s say I can prepare a bare bones version of ramen, since preparing real ramen usually take a few hours’ work (see here for example).

After a lot of searching I found a decent recipe on youtube that doesn’t involve any pre-packaged shiny looking instant ramen stuff. Here it is:

– 300 ml water
– 2 or 3 tbsp Mentsuyu (or soya sauce)
– 2 tsp Chicken Stock
– A little grated ginger and garlic
– A little sesame oil
– Noodles, onions and other ingredients you want to put on top at the end

Preparation is dead simple: just add the various ingredients to the water and bring it to boil; cook the noodles in a separate pan and then mix it with the soup. The video shows you all you need to know about it:

I can confirm: I tried it and it works!


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