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The Italian Consul General in Osaka is a fascist beater

Posted in Weird and funny with tags , , on January 18, 2012 by mikele

This is almost unbelievable. Or maybe not, if you stop and think for minute about the never-ending sequel of embarrassing s**t the italian government has supported and/or promoted lately.

Mario Vattani is a well known extreme right-winger who has performed with his rock band at events supporting fascist causes. He’s now representing Italy in Osaka, under the role of Consul General. Without any doubt he got there thanks to his family connections (his father’s been the foreign office minister twice I think), but that isn’t really big news in Italy.

The total shame derives from his extreme right militance, and the fact that in the past he’s been involved also in ‘squadrist’ violence episodes such as beatings of political opponents and so on… totally disgusting. Recently there are calls for an investigation into how Vattani could have passed vetting procedures given that he appeared in public advertising his beliefs.

If you meet him in the streets of Osaka, well, remember who he is..


iPhone app: Make out with Japanese

Posted in Weird and funny with tags , , , on April 1, 2010 by mikele

A thoughtful colleague pointed out an iphone application that promises you’ll learn japanese at rocket-speed. I’ll let you try it out as my iphone doesn’t work over here….

“Make Out With Japanese” is an educational game that teaches Japanese through a dating simulator. Can you seduce the sweet and beautiful Japanese girls? Come on and give it your best shot!

Picture 2.png

Toilet etiquette

Posted in Weird and funny with tags , on March 15, 2010 by mikele


I ran into this type of bathroom warnings more than once already. I know that the ‘japanese style’ toilet (i.e. a ‘squat’ toilet) doesn’t have the seat – but it’d be quite a dexterous (and monkey-like) act to crouch down on top of a westerner toilet wouldn’t it?